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Message from President Sumida, Motohiro

This home page is designed to provide a brief introduction to Kiriya Chemical Co., Ltd., and an outline of its business operations.
Kiriya Chemical, established in 1921, has vast experience in the development, production, sale, and import and export of dyestuffs and pigments. We are currently broadening the scope of our operations, with special emphasis on food additives and dyestuffs. Since its beginnings, Kiriya Chemical has attached importance to technology and emphasized technological services in its sales activities to meet customer needs promptly. Skills required for such activities were acquired through the marketing of its most traditional product, dyestuffs, and food additives. This focus on technology is clearly supported by our policy, dating from our founding, of hiring employees with advanced technical training and investing in their potential as foremost business priority.
Business Activities To meet the diverse needs of industries and consumers, we offer a wide array of specialty products based on our unique organic synthesis technology. These products include food colour, dyestuffs, and organic intermediates.


Kiriya Chemical supplies high-quality products both in Japan and overseas. Our extensive product line consists of approximately 60 varieties of food colours and related products, which include natural food colours and synthetic food colours.


We also supply dyestuffs, pigments and intermediates for dyestuffs.

To better serve the needs of our customers, we are upgrading our capability for application research and technical service.
Business Location Head Office

6, Fukaekita 2-chome, Higashinari-ku, Osaka 537-0001, Japan

Tel: + 81-6-6971-1701
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