Color Additives Listed for Use in Foods

Color Japanese Name Chemical Name FDA name Color Index Name CI Number Structural formulas
  Yellow No.4 Tartrazine FD & C Yellow No.5 Acid Yellow 23 C.I. 19140 Eq. 1
  Yellow No.5 Sunset Yellow FCF FD & C Yellow No.6 Food Yellow 3 C.I. 15985 Eq. 2
  Red No.2 Amaranth    Acid Red 27 C.I. 16185 Eq. 3
  Red No.3 Erythrosine FD & C Red No.3 Acid Red 51 C.I. 45430 Eq. 4
  Red No.40 Allura Red AC FD & C Red No.40 Food Red 17 C.I. 16035 Eq. 5
  Red No.102 New Coccine    Acid Red 18 C.I. 16255 Eq. 6
  Red No.104 Phloxine D & C Red No.28 Acid Red 92 C.I. 45410 Eq. 7
  Red No.105 Rose Bengale    Acid Red 94 C.I. 45440 Eq. 8
  Red No.106 Acid Red    Acid Red 52 C.I. 45100 Eq. 9
  Blue No.1 Brilliant Blue FCF FD & C Blue No.1 Food Blue 2 C.I. 42090 Eq. 10
  Blue No.2 Indigo Carmine FD & C Blue No.2 Acid Blue 74 C.I. 73015 Eq. 11

The Color Additives in this Site are designated as approved in Japan. Some of the information in this Site may not apply and/or may not be appropriate in countries outside of Japan. It is your responsibility to verify approval status and details in the country where the product is to be used.